wasted 2, second night

I don't think parties in a commercial place like the Maria are morally bad. I just don't like many of the people that come to such venues, people that are used to paying twice as much for a beer than you would in a "non-commercial" place, and I'm sorry for the people who don't come because it is too expensive for them. I don't think it is a bad thing to have a party that is well promoted. I just don't like the kind of guy that inevitably shows up at such a party - guys having to prove they are "real" men by "dancing" to "hard" music. Dancing doesn't mean moving much here - it is more some kind of shifting from pose to pose and making evil faces, to display as much "strength" as possible.
When I first found out about breakcore, I listened to Donna Summer with much pleasure - but I don't "feel it" when Jason Forrest chants the crowd into screaming "oh-my-god! oh-my-god! oh-my-god!". Even worse, having just read the discussion started by Fringeli in the C8 forum about the state of breakcore and where it is going, I couldn't do anything but perceive this event and listen to the music as an example of what was said there.

I came early, while LFO Demon was still spinning, and enjoyed the rest of his set quite a lot - he played at least two explicitly political tunes, one of which I really dig: BamBamBabylonBajasch: One Love, while I heard the other one for the first time: 5drei9 - ANTI deutsche Welle, but it must have been a remix, because the original is said to be rather lame. You can listen for yourself what Bambambajasch are saying about dancehall lyrics and Rastafarianism; the second is originally a hiphop track answering to a recent wave of nationalist German HipHop and Pop. Both tracks demonstrate LFO's awareness about the messages music is transporting, and his involvment in radical German left-wing discussions. But it is not music with messages I missed later - it is his uncompromised understanding of music. He's not just spinning some records - his music has a certain urgency to it, the beats need to be hard, the noise is necessary.
After that Jason Forrest took the stage for some silly shouting and rather boring beats, leading over to the second act, Drumcorps, metal-mashup side project of Aaron Spectre. You should check out the mp3s of his fresh "rmx or die" 10" - the good things in speed metal, i.e. really fast drums, nasty electric guitars and people screaming their brains out, fused with hard, dry breakcore & otherworldly bass. He knows how to build up tension until you think you will burst at any moment, and lets it evolve in something even worse than you had already feared. But having plugged my ears with the stongest earplugges I had found, and having to look at just too many poseurs as described above no matter in which direction I turned my head, I somehow got stuck, wasn't able to dance, and after a while reclined in one of the sofas.
Then it was Jason Forrest again. Being under the influence of that texts of Fringeli & LFO Demon, I couldn't help but hear exactly the kind of hollowness in his music that was decried by some (without mentioning names). By that point he didn't have no chance to get to me anymore - I was too pissed off by the audience and his shouting, and the audiences respones to this. In that condition, Bong-Ra, whose records I never bought because I didn't like the tits and thongs artwork of some, sounded pretty boring, too. At four in the morning I decided I was simply spoiled for this night, and that I wouln't be able to recognize it even if there would be some more great music being played, packed my things and went home.

I'm sure this party went on for hours, and there will be many enthusiastic comments on raggacore.com, which will tell everything I missed, people will post pictures etc. I didn't really take some myself because I don't like to flash at people in a dark location like this, and my attempt to take a picture of Aaron Spectre trying to take a picture of LFO Demon failed. Sorry!

P.S.I actually started this blog with a (German) comment on Wasted1 - it seems so long ago to me!
4.9.05 19:46
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